Signature measures leadership potential.

3 leadership styles measured through a blended assessment.

Middle and Senior Leaders comparison group.


Signature has been designed to explore leadership potential, by measuring three broad leadership styles:

  1. People focus – where leaders are responsible for winning hearts and minds, often with a large number of direct reports.
  2. Intellectual focus – where strategic thinking and innovation are key, leaders who create new ideas or ways of working within the business.
  3. Executional focus – where leaders need to implement or push through large scale changes or projects within the business.

Your business has more than one type of leadership challenge so why only have one type of potential?


Additional information


Individual development – Grow and develop staff through increased self-awareness and tailored development plans, High Potential Identification – Quickly understand talent pipelines that underpin business critical activities, Organisational Change – Support wider business change with objective data to underpin key people moves


Candidate – free report designed to be shared directly with candidates to create a positive candidate experience, Trained User – more technical report made available to accredited professionals

Comparison Group

Middle & Senior Leaders – 200 people from the UK largely in middle and senior leadership positions from a cross-section of industry sectors