Habitus measures personality preferences at work.

19 work relevant areas in as little as 5 minutes.

4 comparison groups to select from.


Habitus has been designed to measure personality preferences at work, by looking at five broad areas:

  1. Social Drive: the motivation we have towards leading, working at pace and with confidence towards our goals.
  2. Connections: our preference for working with others, supporting and developing them, plus our default level of trust.
  3. Thinking: our perspective on change, degree of complexity we like dealing with and tendency to pause and reflect on what could be.
  4. Work Style: how disciplined, organised and dutiful we are in our approach to work.
  5. Emotions: the intensity and level of expression we have around them, plus the level of concern we have about the future and how we respond to setbacks.

Using modern psychometrics, Habitus measures 19 detailed areas of personality at work, in around 5 minutes.


Additional information


Sifting Out – Identify candidates who will fit the role and culture, scientifically speed up the shortlisting process, Selecting In – Support the interview process with the tailored Hiring Manager Report, Individual development – Grow and develop staff through increased self-awareness and tailored development plans, Team development – Consider team make-up, collective ways of working and how these impact performance, High Potential Identification – Quickly understand talent pipelines that underpin business critical activities, Organisational Change – Support wider business change with objective data to underpin key people moves


Hiring Manager – purpose built for the recruitment context with tailored interview questions that map to candidate\' responses, Candidate – free report designed to be shared directly with candidates to create a positive candidate experience, Trained User – more technical report made available to accredited professionals

Comparison Groups

Global – 60,000 people from 55 countries evenly split on gender and from a cross-section of ages, APAC – 9,400 people from 14 countries in Asia Pacific evenly split on gender and from a cross-section of ages, UK – 8,500 people from UK countries evenly split on gender and from a cross-section of ages, ANZAC – 7,000 people from Australia and New Zealand evenly split on gender and from a cross-section of ages