Foresight measures problem solving ability at work.

3 ability areas in 45 minutes.

Professional, manager and graduate comparison group.


Foresight has been designed to measure general cognitive ability based on three separate areas:

  1. Verbal Reasoning – Understanding and critically evaluating written information via several business articles
  2. Numerical Reasoning – Interpreting and analysing numerical information via several linked graphs, tables and dashboards
  3. Abstract (Inductive) Reasoning – Inferring and predicting abstract information via several sequences of patterns and shapes

Research has consistently identified that general cognitive ability is a strong predictor of future workplace performance as it is strongly associated with:

  • How quickly people learn
  • How much job knowledge they acquire
  • Speed and accuracy of their problem solving
  • When combined with certain personality preferences, their ability to innovate

Additional information


Sifting Out – Identify candidates who will fit the role and culture, scientifically speed up the shortlisting process, Selecting In – Identify how quickly people learn and their decision making accuracy, High Potential Identification – Quickly understand talent pipelines that underpin business critical activities, Organisational Change – Support wider business change with objective data to underpin key people moves


Trained User – more technical report made available to accredited professionals

Comparison Groups

Professional, Managers & Graduates – several hundred white collar professionals working in a variety of industries, the large majority holding graduate degrees